Sunday, September 28, 2008

FME Evangelist features Smallworld and FME Server

So this is what humidity feels like.  I just arrived in Hollywood, FL (USA) an hour ago having left Boulder, CO a few hours before.  Going from 1 mile (and dry) to sea level and humid is quite the change.  

I'm looking forward to seeing many from the Smallworld community at the conference on Monday and Tuesday.   Please stop by at the Red Planet Consulting booth and say "hi".  Me and John will be the two guys dressed a in mechanics shirts.

Mark Ireland the "FME Evangelist" has a Smallworld User's Conference Special Edition article giving some added detail about the FME Server on Smallworld that Mark Stoakes and Michael Weisman from Safe Software and I will be demonstrating this week.  In addition to the links to the on-line demo videos from a few weeks ago, Mark also provides a bit more detail about the Python functionality that communicates with the Smallworld server image.

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