Friday, September 11, 2009

Smallworld High Definition

John Eason at GE was giving me grief for not posting more frequently to this blog. So here's a post for John :)

Come to the Smallworld Americas Users Conference in Phoenix in October and learn about "Smallworld High Definition". No other details were forthcoming so I had to make my own guesses.

Smallworld High Definition might mean...
- you can now see the Smallworld GUI from across the room
- even if your swmfs server goes down, Smallworld tries to guess what your data really looks like (kind of like HD TV guessing pixels when the signal is bad)
- Smallworld will be deployed in an Xbox-like console so that you can bring your data into your home theatre.
- Smallworld will allow embedding multi-media in database objects. I'm not talking about the existing related-documents functionality. I'm thinking more along the lines of Google Maps showing WikiPedia, Panoramia and YouTube.
- Smallworld data and apps go 3D.

Anyone have any thoughts on what Smallworld HD could mean?

Personally, I'm hoping that Smallworld HD might be something along the lines of multi-media integration or 3D rendering. That would be cool!

Well, enough posting... time to get back to work... and John will probably have to wait some time again before my next post.

See you all at the conference in October!