Monday, September 8, 2008

FME Server on Smallworld Demo

As mentioned in a previous post, Safe Software will be presenting a hands-on FME Server workshop at the Smallworld 2008 Americas Users Conference.

In anticipation of that workshop I have created a number of screen casts of a demonstration of how we at Red Planet Consulting [NOTE: I no longer work for Red Planet. I now work for iFactor Consulting] put together Smallworld with FME Server to download and upload data using web clients. I would be happy to discuss any questions you might have about the contents of this demonstration.

This configuration uses GE's Smallworld FME Plugin. Out of the box the plugin does not exhibit "server"behaviour. But with a few Magik and Python tweaks we got it to work.

Click on the following links to launch Flash videos of the various parts of the demo:

  1. Start SIAS Server
  2. Start SIAS Client
  3. Download without Bounding Box
  4. Download with Bounding Box
  5. Upload Isle of Wight


Julien said...

Hi Alfred,
I just begin working with Smallworld FME plugin provided by GE. I'am doing an import from Microstation files (DGN) to Smallworld database. I meet somes troublshootings with the sys_id creating. The table i'am importing to data are related to another in the data modele. I am working on it. But my question is about the usage of bounding box for extract. I watched the video on SIAS and google map you done.This is possible with an CST application framework?

Alfred Sawatzky said...

Hi Julien,

Yes, this is possible using the CST application framework. The demo videos were actually done using the SWAF framework.

If you have more detailed questions related to FME and Smallworld, I would be happy to answer them if you sent me a note at one of the two e-mail addresses shown in the "Contact Information" on the side panel. Once we have sorted out answers to your questions, I can post them as a consolidated blog.