Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smallworld Emacs tutorials

There are three more video tutorials for using Igor's Emacs extensions with Magik. There are so many features available in Emacs and you are bound to find out some useful tip that will make your coding tasks more efficient.

Visit to find out more.

My favorite features...

F12-m - creates a temporary Magik file where you can hack without affecting the original source code files.

Alt-c - useful for tagging a block of code with START CHANGE/END CHANGE when making your own patches.

F2-t - creates debug write() statement around a variable in the code.

F4-s - creates #DEBUG show() statements around a variable (use F3-d to toggle #DEBUG mode)

F3-t - creates a debug write() statement at the top of the method.

Alt-x all - this is one of my all-time favourite tools within Emacs. Great for finding all the occurrences of a string (using regexp) in a file. See 3:20 of MagikEmacs Screen-cast 4 for a demo.

F9 - selects the entire method.

Ctrl-Alt-\ - indents the Magik code in current selection

Alt-space - drops breadcrumbs (ie bookmarks in Emacs buffers)

F5-b - loops through the current breadcrumbs

Alt-F5 - manage your breadcrumbs