Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smallworld/FME Configuration Tips and Tricks

The Smallworld 2007 Americas Users Conference came to an official end yesterday evening. I had the good fortune of being able to present a paper at the conference entitled "Smallworld Core Spatial Technology and FME: Configuration Tips and Tricks". The PowerPoint slides are available for download here. If you do not have the PowerPoint application then you can view an HTML version of it that requires Internet Explorer and ActiveX by clicking here.

[NOTE: the contact information at the end of the presentation is now outdated. I now work for iFactor Consulting. You can find my new contact information in the Contact Information section on the side of this blog]

I had also agreed to help Mark Stoakes from Safe Software at his FME hands-on workshops by demonstrating the use of the Smallworld FME SOM. At both workshops my computer blue-screened just as I started the demo. That was very unfortunate because there was not enough time to debug the problem during the session. So I will be putting together a description of what I did and posting that here and on FMEpedia. (I discovered later that the problem had to do with my laptop being connected to a docking station which received intermittent power and therefore somehow messed up the parallel port on which my Smallworld license dongle was connected.)

If you received a GE USB Stick in your swag bag and, like me, were not at the session where the password was revealed, try '1111'.

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