Tuesday, September 4, 2007

See you at the Americas Users conference

The Smallworld 2007 Americas Users Conference is coming up in less than one week near Denver, Colorado. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Hopefully we will learn a lot about the new Smallworld/Oracle initiatives.

I will be presenting a paper on Tuesday entitled "Smallworld and FME: Configuration Tips and Tricks". Safe Software will be presenting some good hands-on workshops about how to use their FME tool so I won't be covering that territory again. But I will be presenting how to get your Smallworld system set up with the FME interface so that you can do the cool things that Safe Software will show you in the workshops. I also plan to give a short FME SOM (Spatial Object Manager) demonstration during one of the FME workshops.

If I don't see you at the presentation or workshop, please feel free to come by and say "hello" at the Red Planet Consulting booth where I will be during the exhibition times.

See you there!

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