Thursday, September 6, 2007

ACEs, ACEs, everywhere

I recently tried to make a copy of an ACE in the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) product. The out-of-the-box ACE is called "Physical NI User". So I thought that all I needed to do was make a copy of that ACE, call it something like "Physical NI User New", and then modify the application registration code to include...

:ace_name,"Physical NI User New"

Apparently that was not enough. If you want to have two user groups use different ACEs, you definitely need to change the application registration :ace_name. But you also need to change the ACE name in the following XML configuration files:

in a suitable application config.xml file
  • verify config/framework_data/map_type[@ace_name] has the name you are expecting
  • verify config/plugins/plugin[@class_name="pni_editor_manager"]/property[@name="ace_name"]["value"] has the name you are expecting
  • verify config/plugins/plugin[@class_name="document_manager"]/document/document_properties/property[@name="ace_name"]["value"] has the name you are expecting
In addition, if you have specified any bookmarks for an ACE, they are "hardcoded" for the ACE in which they were originally created.

The typical symptom which indicates that some of the above-mentioned ACE settings are incorrect is the one where you look at the object control plugin and notice that the v/h/s settings are not what you thought you had set them to in the current ACE. Most likely you did set the v/h/s settings correctly but one or more of your application configurations are still pointing to an ACE that you are not expecting it to.

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