Friday, September 3, 2010

Should you attend FME Users Exchange #swuc

If you are involved with moving data in or out of Smallworld I maintain that the most powerful way to do that is using Safe Software's FME product. If you are already using FME or if you are just wondering how FME can help you integrate Smallworld data with other data formats, I recommend that you attend the FME Users Exchange on Thursday, September 9 from 1pm-4pm in Baltimore at the site of the Smallworld Americas 2010 Users Conference.

There will be great presentations by customers, GE and Safe representatives. I will be presenting on how to enhance your GE FME-Smallworld Magik interface to let you do things like updating and deleting records and also creating Smallworld joins via FME.

As a bit of a trailer, here is a 5 minute video that highlights some of the items I will be presenting in more detail (video:

You can see my prioritized presentation points here:

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