Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Promote your #SWUC 2010 items here

When I attend Smallworld Users Conferences, I typically don't get around to all the booths because I get busy with other things. So I usually feel like I have missed some good demonstrations and presentations by the time the conference is done. So I thought that it would be helpful for the various Smallworld vendors/exhibitors/presenters to promote what they were planning to share at the conference.

So here's my idea.
1. Get your Twitter account going (if you don't already have one)
2. start posting short tidbits about what you are planning for the conference. Be sure that you use the hashtag #swuc.

From now until the conference, I will keep a dynamic Twitter feed on that hashtag running at the top of this blog. This will be a way for us to get Smallworld-related commercial content onto this blog without anyone having to receive them in their RSS readers or inboxes. Come back to this blog often to see the latest updates. Or you can browse to #swuc to see the results on the Twitter search page. You could embed the Twitter search results in your own blog or company web page as well to spread the love.

I would love to see posts about stuff like:
  • will you be attending?
  • what demos you will give at your booth
  • if you don't have a booth, say that you will be representing your company anyways and would love to meet with customers (tell them which bar to meet you at)
  • presentations you will be doing or are interested in
  • thoughts on trends/topics at the conference
I'm thinking that a lively contribution stream will make the conference that much more interesting. And if for no other reason, please post so that it doesn't become just an iFactor Consulting promotion stream :)

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