Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SIAS client using Silverlight

As you are no doubt aware, most SIAS client applications use Java to build their front end. I saw something really cool today done by long-time Smallworld developer Poorya Khodaverdi. He has created a Silverlight-based web application that uses SIAS services. You can see his 5-minute demo here.

As he pointed out to me, this was just a rapid application development implementation. It should be easy enough to modify the client to whatever specs a user would want. While we may all have our differing opinions of Microsoft and their Silverlight framework, I do think that any technology that makes the user interface more pleasant to work with is worth having a look at.

You can find out more about this Silverlight/SIAS integration by contacting Poorya directly at pkhodaverdi@gmail.com

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