Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FME Odyssey Slides Now Available

Safe Software staff recently did their '2010: An FME Odyssey' tour of select North American cities. I was fortunate to attend the one in Denver. This was my first time at a FME User Group meeting and found it very helpful and informative. The interaction with the Safe staff was great. I also found very helpful the presentations given by real FME users explaining how they were using FME to solve a particular problem. You can find all the presentation slides here.

While this blog is focussed on Smallworld, I would still like to suggest that even the presentations that do not cover Smallworld would provide benefit to Smallworld users because they describe how problems in various industry segments were solved using FME. The Safe folks liked to say "data format is irrelevant" when it comes to FME. I agree heartily and look forward to discovering ways that FME can provide business benefit to customers that store their data in Smallworld.

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Dale said...

Hi Alfred,

I'm a bit late to comment (still catching up on my reading since the Odyssey), but wanted to say it was great meeting you in Denver a few weeks ago, and to thank you for braving the elements to come out and attend. We'll definitely have to get back to Denver sooner rather than later. But maybe during a calmer weather month, say May or June.

All the best in the meantime.