Thursday, February 4, 2010

Smallworld Product Release History

I recently received a note from a reader of this blog asking if I knew the history of the Smallworld Product release versions and dates. I have never kept close tabs on that so I thought it would be interesting to research it a bit. Thanks to the folks at GE for providing this information!

Source: GE's Americas Customer Support Organization


Release Date

Core Spatial Technology (GIS)

Smallworld 2.0(0)

July 1993

Smallworld 2.0(1)

August 1993

Smallworld 2.0(2)

December 1993

Smallworld 2.0(3)

January 1994

Smallworld 2.0(4)

March 1994

Smallworld 2.1(0)

November 1994

Smallworld 2.1(1)

March 1995

Smallworld 2.1(2)

January 1995

Smallworld 2.1(3)

March 1996

Smallworld 2.1(3)NT

May 1996

Smallworld 2.2(0)

December 1996

Smallworld 2.1(3) G

April 1997

Smallworld 2.2(1)

September 1997

Smallworld 3.0(0)

September 1998

Smallworld 3.1(0)

November 1999

Smallworld 3.1(0)SP1

March 2000

Smallworld 3.1(0)SP2

August 2000

Core Spatial Technology 3.2

June 2001

Core Spatial Technology 3.2.1

November 2001

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 3.3

June 2002

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 4

December 2003

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 4.1

December 2006

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 4.1.1

February 2008

In addition to this, a conversation I had with Peter Batty recently brought up the fact that he had worked on a version 1.9.6 back in 1992.

A lot has changed in Smallworld in the 20+ years of its existence. In my opinion, the product only gets better with each release. I'm looking forward to seeing more of version 4.2 at the EMEAI Conference.


John B said...

1.9.4 in 1990 or 1991

Version 1.x did not have a CASE tool (and the ACE). I think Auth didn't exist either. Datamodel changes were done directly in Magik :-)
The base image was only 6MB or so.

Roger said...

I was looking for information about the end of support, but I have not found

For example,
When is the end of life of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology 4.1
I think that this information is very usefull.