Friday, October 23, 2009

Dialog Designer 1.9.5 now available

Graham Garlick at iFactor Consulting has uploaded v1.9.5 of the open source Dialog Designer. You can get the latest version by browsing to and clicking on the "Download Version 1.9.5 Now..." link.

Here are the release notes for 1.9.5:
- create additions/changes sub-source directories for core code modifications
- bug fix (statusbar progress indicator element XML generation/parsing)
- exposed :allow_filtering? attribute for a tabular_list
- fixed statusbar rendering of multiple springy panes
- fixed window_pane rendering

I did not do a post for 1.9 so here are those release notes as well:
- added messages tab (define messages to support user-written code)
- fix issue where module.def 'requires' section was not updating
- various bug fixes, all minor.
- added recordset_gui_component widget
- added numeric input widget
- added 6th example dialog to the Help Document

If you have not used this tool, I would highly recommend it. You can create your GUIs without using this tool, but there are so many parameters to be aware of. Using this tool essentially allows you to incorporate known (and sometimes unknown) tips, tricks, workarounds and best practices from one of the best Magik coders around and put it into your own application.

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