Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dialog Designer v1.3 available

Graham Garlick's latest update to Dialog Designer is now available as v1.3. You can find it on the Magik Components SourceForge project. Based on the dates of the releases, v1.3 is not yet in the packaged mclib release. But if you have a CVS connection to SourceForge you can update your source tree with his latest code. You can also visit iFactor Consulting's web site to download the code here.

This version has the following additional features
  • added style selection widget (place a gui element for selecting a style)
  • removed dependency on the path_select plugin
  • added file/directory selection widget (place a button that launches the file/directory selection dialog)
  • added plugin widget (embed an action from some other plugin or an entire other plugin)
  • added auto-generation of supplementary gui/framework & plugin files so developers can expand/customize produced GUI functionality in a place that the Dialog Designer won’t overwrite if the GUI layout is tweaked and re-built.
  • added FAQ section to the main documentation
  • de_de messages updated
  • fr_ca messages created

1 comment:

Joel Alberto Galván Puente said...

Cool Tool.

La estamos revisando y funciona bien, con algún detalle que estamos por revisar.