Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Magik Dialog Designer now available

Some time ago I posted about the Magik Dialog Designer and that it would be made freely available soon. Well I am happy to say that that day has come (actually was a couple of weeks ago) and it is now available on the Magik Components SourceForge page. Thank you to Graham Garlick for putting together such a useful tool!

This tool essentially lets you create GUIs in SWAF using drag-and-drop and then creates all the relevant Magik code (including module structures and XML files) to include that GUI in your product. It also stubs out any of the action methods associated with buttons.

For now you will have to browse the Magik Components source code tree yourself and find the module. You can follow the CVS connection instructions to setup CVS on your machine to check out the latest Magik Components code. If you are not interested in installing CVS you could e-mail Graham at graham [at] ifactorconsulting [dot] com and ask him for the Dialog Designer zip file. Tell him Alfred sent you :)

(The module should eventually make its way into the Download Magik Components section.)

Since our time together at Navigant/Smallworld/GE, I have always been a fan of Graham and his creative innovations with Magik. In my opinion, this Magik Dialog Designer is one of his greatest Magik achievements. Although his Raster Calculator was pretty cool too. But I ramble on... so please go download the Dialog Designer yourself and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Alternatively, the Dialog Designer can be downloaded at www.iFactorConsulting.com.

Brad said...

Thiu post was enough to get me moving, so I put out a new file release today on Sourceforge.net...enjoy.