Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Magik plugin for Eclipse

If you are a Magik developer that prefers to use Eclipse over Emacs you should know that ASTEC today released version 0.5.1 of their free Magik Development Tools (MDT). To read more, visit http://www.mdt-project.com. There is also a white paper that gives a good overview of what MDT together with Eclipse can do for you.


Stefan said...

I'm using this plugin since its first version and it rocks. I like especially the combination with subclipse.

Anonymous said...

Simple and intuitive cooperation with revision control systems is very powerful advantage of Eclipse (and so MDT). Personally when I was using MDT in projects I was also working with ClearCase plugin and with CVS of course...

Best regards, Tomek

amit said...

I am using Emacs editor to develop my Magik applications.
Could you please tell me from where will i get this plugin for Eclipse for Magik development.

Dariusz Michura, MDT project manager said...

Please visit www.mdt-project.net site to get more information about MDT and download it.

There are two MDT editions: Standard and Professional.
Standard edition is a freeware with only basic set of features.
Professional edition provides complete set of features and will be available as freeware till August. In June MDT Professional Edition licenses selling is planned to be started.