Wednesday, March 7, 2007

North American Daylight Saving Time

(Thank you to everyone that posted comments in response to the announcement that GE will be introducing a new version of Smallworld on Oracle/Java.)

I'm not sure about Mexico, but Canada and USA switched to Daylight Saving Time on March 11. If your Smallworld system times are off by an hour, please read "USA/Canada Daylight Saving Time is 4 weeks longer this year. Are you ready?"

You can tell if you have the appropriate Smallworld patch loaded by executing the following command at the Magik prompt.

MagikSF> date_time_now()

If the date and time are different than you expect, it is likely that your patch has not been loaded.

An e-mail from the Smallworld helpdesk also mentioned that the most recent time zone patches include adjustments for Western Australia.

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Alfred Sawatzky said...

Early reports suggest that the North American experiment with Daylight Saving Time changes might not produce the desired energy savings as expected. Personally, I still like the idea that for 4 extra weeks this spring/summer/fall, I get an hour longer of daylight at the end of the work day. (See the unofficial Safe Software response at the bottom of this post. My sentiments exactly.)