Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cutting out the GIS Middleman

As the days roll on from the original GE announcement to move to a 100% Oracle/Java solution, more details are slowly trickling in.

Directions Magazine has an article (Cutting Out the GIS Middleman: GE Energy Cements Relationship with Oracle to Build Enterprise Applications) that sheds some more light on GE's direction.

It seems to me that GE is trying to leap-frog over some of its GIS competitors who have used Oracle in the past but used it in a proprietary fashion.

[Updated: 11:46 am 15March07... I did not know that Oracle ships with landbase data. Have a look at]

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Tom Arter said...

Alfred, thanks for posting the link to the "Cutting out the Middleman" article. Up until reading that article the information I had on the Oracle/Java strategy had been very sketchy. If I read the subject article right, I have to agree with you on GE trying to "leap frog" the competiion. It also seems to me that Oracle/Java is totally separate from Smallworld GIS so I'm not sure it means much to existing customers as far better intrgration of Smallworld with Oracle (which is what I had been interested in). However, it could be interesting long term for those who want true integration of the spatial component of data into the enterprise and would like to get rid of the GIS interfaces.

Tom Arter