Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emacs Magik Debugger key binding

My latest favorite tool in Magik is the Magik Debugger. The Magik Debugger has been around for quite some time, but it was always inconvenient to load it. Starting at 4.1, the Emacs that ships with SW has a key binding (F4-d) that automagikally launches the Magik Debugger for the method in which your cursor is active. It makes it very easy to launch and using the debugger can often be quicker to use than scattering debug write/show statements throughout your code.

Igor has a nice demo video of this feature here.

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Reinhard Hahn said...

Sometimes the debugger fails to start with a parser_error "No such exemplar". This happens if you are using a source file without a _package statement. Just printing

_package user

before your method definition makes it loadable for the debugger.

(testet with CST 4.1(0))