Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Smallworld EMEAI 2011

I started my trip to the Smallworld EMEAI conference in Salzburg this morning. I'll be in Salzburg by Monday night and ready to conference the next day. According to @botezmi (, close to 800 delegates will be in attendance! No wonder it took some effort to find a reasonably priced hotel room near the conference venue. I imagine that the large delegate number is due to the inclusion of the SWUG annual meeting with the GE event.

I will be based at the Realworld booth and will be demonstrating some new Web Maps Connector features. Please come by to see how you can integrate Bing, OpenStreetMap, Google, DigitalGlobe, MapQuest, ArcGIS and various other region-specific data providers directly into your Smallworld environment.

If that doesn't interest you, my colleague Graham Garlick (author of the internationally popular Dialog Designer) has loaded me up with some of his latest cool products so ask about those and I can show you examples of how we are pushing Magik to the edge.

Finally, to all you tweeters out there, please tweet conference events on the hashtag #swuc.

Bis Dienstag!

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