Thursday, June 24, 2010

Very Cool Charts in Smallworld

Ever tried showing pie charts in Magik? Or bar charts or scatter plots? Then tried to label the data points? And create a matching chart legend? Technically, it is all possible in Magik, but the code to manage all that could be quite complex.

Check out this post ( about how Graham at iFactor Consulting has written a Magik interface to the Google Charts API. The possibilities are endless for various kinds of dashboard applications directly in Magik. And I think the charts are also clickable (ie you can drill down on data points). But you might want to ask Graham for more details.

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Bhimu... said...

I am aware there are few bar charts and pie chart functionality available in GDO. if i am not wrong the functonality is available either in CP Manager or Outage Manager. This is completely developed in magik.