Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dialog Designer v1.5 now available

Graham Garlick over at iFactor Consulting has uploaded v1.5 of the open source Dialog Designer. You can get the latest version from the SourceForge Magik Components community or from a zip file at iFactor Consulting.

Here are the release notes:
  • updated Documentation file.
  • fixed issue with hanging plugin action selection gui when a raster image was missing in CORE.
  • fixed issue with non-refresh of Magik/XML code when first going to the Magik/XML tab
  • added input mechanism to add extra slots to dialog Base Class
  • added input mechanism for setting pragma statement code settings
  • added input mechanism for adding additional slots to the base gui class
  • added input mechanism for setting the package for the dialog
  • es_es language edited (thank you Alejandro CaƱas [alexcaas at gmail dot com])
  • added unit_text_item widget
  • fixed :select_directory (open_file_dir widget) incompatibility with SW4.
  • fixed internationalization issue with the :top_dock,:bottom_dock (etc.) messages
  • added date_time_input widget

1 comment:

Syaddad Bahalwan said...

thanks for the information...i've already download and use it, very usefull to me :)