Tuesday, April 3, 2007

CST 4.1 allows single-quote strings

CST version 4.1 now allows single-quote strings.

Here's an example. Let's say you wanted to put in the short-hand notation for inch in a string. So you might try...

MagikSF> length << "5""
**** Error (parser_error): on line 1
length << "5""
Missing end of statement

The Magik compiler gets confused by your use of the double-quote character as a string delimiter and an inch unit.

To get around that in Magik, you would have to do something like...

MagikSF> length << write_string(5,%")

But as of version 4.1 you can use single quotes for strings...

MagikSF> length << '5"'

And if you wanted to do something similar with the short hand for feet units, you could do...

MagikSF> length << "5'"


MagikSF> '5' = "5"

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